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GlacidNET is running on a Sun SunFire V880 (8x900mhz) system running 16GB of ram, with an 216gb Internal Fiberchannel storage array (36gb x 12 drives / RAID 0+1). GlacidNET is connected to the internet via 100MB Ethernet routed through Tylink ONS 150 CSUs, and Cisco 2501 routers connected on a Fractional T1. This setup provides a stable and efficient connection capable of up to 1.5M/s (Burstable to 10M/s).

The system is monitored 24 hours a day for added protection and stability.

Please not that this system is closed to the public, there are no commercial services avalible at this time. Due to restrictions in place by Verizon, our uplink, we cannot offer you the services below at this time.

What does GlacidNET have to offer? A variety of services and very fast and responsive support. We offer some of the best Shell Accounts, FTP Accounts, Mail POP3/IMAP Accounts, Mail Forwarding, Intranet Services, Firewall/Security Services, Network Intrustion Detection, and Internet/Intranet Network Auditing.

For more information, please e-mail us at [email protected].

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